Residential and Commercial Surveys


Professional. Experienced. Service Orientated. 


Founder Woodrow "Woody" Brown opened W. Brown Land Surveying, Inc in 1983. Starting in Richfield and now located in Bloomington W. Brown Land Surveying has done thousands of surveys for numerous clients all over the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Some of the faces of the team have changed over the years but our commitment to the people we serve hasn't.


Meet the Team.


Founder, president, Registered Land Surveyor

Woodrow "Woody" Brown

In 1962 Woody started his surveying career, he worked for various firms in the Twin Cities until he opened his own business in 1983. For over 50 years he has helped people with their surveying needs. 



Lead CAD draftsman

Chad Elvin

Chad Elvin joined the team in 2005, since then he has gained valuable experience in field work that followed him to where he is now. As Lead Draftsman Chad is detailed and works hard to create surveys that are easily legible and portray information in a clear manner. He drafts most of our surveys including site plans and prepares construction stake outs.




Crew chief

Gus LeSavage

Gus LeSavage joined the team in 2014, working along Woody for the first couple years on the survey crew Gus has learned valuable skills and knowledge that he uses in the field today. He is currently taking classes to become a registered surveyor.




Survey Technician

Khada Dhungana

Khada joined the team in 2018, working along with Gus in the field on the survey crew.